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July 15th - Pirate Gold

In this patch, some familiar strangers arrived in the underworld. Buried their precious treasure here and set the hell in chaos. We added many items related to treasure and gold. So we hope you, hungry demons, will be pleased with the over-wealth in this patch. And as usual, many bugs were fixed. :)

New consume item 'Treasure map' were added. Using it will start the mini-game 'Treasure Hunt'. Players must follow the trail to find some random treasure in the open world maps. So don't miss the chance to be the most wealthy demon in hell.

Patch note v7.81

- Added new Event "Pirate Gold" and updated purgatory to new theme.

- Added new event monsters: PirateFish, PirateShrimp, ZombieFish, and PirateChest3.

- Updated event shop item list.

- Added new event item: RumฺBottle (Drop from event monsters.)

- Added new consumed item: Treasure Map I-III (Trade via EventShop) - use and start mini-game 'Treasure hunt".

- Added new anima: Pirate Treasure I-IV - Increases item drop rate by 1-4% and 5-20% water protection.

- Added new anima: Pirate Soul I-IV - Increase money from each kill by 5-20% and 5-20% wind protection.

- Added new Silver Icon. (13,0000-50,000 silver)

- Adjusted anima: Early Bird I-IV - Special anima that add 5-20% exp from each kill.

- Fixed G.hill kill count bug.

- Fixed event Orb bug.

- Adjusted Exp sharing from DemonAI, demions, and towers in arenas.

- Fixed some DemonAI that incorrectly use some skills on self.

- Fixed Lust City's bridge gap.

- Fixed Sakura Bonsho's light.

- Fixed missing KO effects.

- Added many more missing KO animations.

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