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July 1st - New Defense Meta

This patch changes defense calculations and change purgatory plains to a new default with double EXP and money!

It's a big change to DEF calculations so many demons, monsters, or bosses might do different damage from the previous patch. Most of them might do lesser dmg so we hope this will drive the battle mechanics to be more fun than before by giving players more chance to survive lethal damage. So please tell us what you think about this new meta! And....... SSS update! and many skills adjusted. :)

Ps. The Lust City arena is still in beta. So, It's very nice to hear what you guys think about it.

Patch Note v7.79

- Changed and seperated defense formular from def = 1/(dmg+str) to

phy.def = 1/(dmg+str+vit) and mag.def = 1/(dmg+tal+vit)

- Reduced many Bosses Vit stats. (but their HP is still the same.)

- Revert demons' MKO back to the previous formula.

- Changed OPW back to a default theme.

- Close event shop for one week.

- OPW monsters give x2 EXP and Silver!

- Added new SSS skill for Amy: DivineDevotion - Heal HLG(1000-2000) HP to all allies by and give them LVL(1~6) HolyShield for 30s.

- Added new SSS skill for Amy: ShiningGlory - Give all allies LVL(50-100) bless and LVL(1~6) HolySword for 30s.

- Added new SSS skill for Urion: BlackPrayer - Add [dark] to target's n.attack and increase its [dark] dmg by LVL(33-66)% for 13s.

- Added new SSS skill for Urion: ReversingBolt - Temporary change c.Attack to deal STR(0.3-0.6) as healing damage for 23s."), 0.3, 0.6, 23);

- Added new SSS skill for Urion: CircleofBalance - Instantly set the target demon's and its demon allies' HP in LVL(33-133)m to Urion's current HP. (with temp.icon)

- Added new SSS skill for Matti: SoulRipper - Deal 2xSTR(2-3) [dark] dmg and add additional 6 souls if it kills the target. (with temp.icon)

- Added new SSS skill for Rodeobob: LaGuacate - Create 3 legendary fruits that restore LVL({0}~{1})% HP MP SP and KO. (with temp.icon)

- Added new SSS skill for Rodeobob: BellaCiao - Increase phy.dmg by LVL(100-200)% for 13s then self-explode, dealing LVL(500-1000)% of HP as [earth] f.dmg.

- Added new SSS skill for Troth: ImperialLight - Increase all demon allies and summon's phyUp and defUp by LVL(25-50) for 13s (with temp.icon)

- Added new SSS skill for Tiamat: PrisonChains - Lock target enemy and reduce its VIT by LVL(23-33)% for LVL(13-23)s (half for demons.) (with temp.icon)

- Adjusted Rodeobob skill: SoulRobbery - Temporary give n.Attack a LVL(50-100)% chance to steal 1 OS from hit for 13s.

- Adjusted Amy skill: HolySword - Add [light] to ally demon's n.attack and increases its [light] dmg by (13-23)% for 30s.

- Adjusted Xunwu skill: FireArmy - Add [fire] to demon allies n.Attack and increase their [fire] dmg by (23-33)% for 13s.

- Adjusted Urion skill: DarkBenediction - Give other demon allies LVL(90-130) TAL and increase their dark resist by LVL(30-60)% for 30s. (CD 45s.)

- Reduced Zuijin's WhiteTigerStrike skill KO dmg to 15.

- Reduced Zuijin's StoneTigerClaw skill KO dmg to 20.

- Reduced Amy's OMGHammer skill KO dmg to 20.

- Reduced Amy's MightyOne skill KO dmg to 30.

- Reduced Hermont's StunPunch KO dmg to 20-30. (description edited)

- Added new Element status - Add [element] to n.attack and increases its [element] dmg .

- Added OS+ notification icon when demons receive OS.

- Added the missing Lust material icon.

- Updated Ecstasy I-IV anima icon.(replaced toe temp.icon)

- Fixed Lust City Arena jumping Bug for big character.

- Fixed Lust City Arena ending bug.

- Added Lust City Arena's Big Map (m button.)

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