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July 29th - The Pirates' Challenge

Ahoy maties, the Pirate Fish challenge you to one last duel before they are gone along with the month of July!

It's been a while since our last Ranking Challenge. So~ the 23rd Ranking Challenge - the pirates' challenge is here for anyone who wants more king coins(rc rewards)! Along with the RC, the new greed armor for Mhaou, Matti, Iaron, and Mim was added. The RedClaw is still there don't let your guards down, defeat him for a chance to get the added greed armors. Also many more SSS update for this patch, don't forget to read the patch note below. }:D

Note for the new face

"Ranking Challenge" is a special campaign you can join for a limited time to get the highest score. The top score player will receive new key item call "king coin" which players can trade them for special satanic accessories from Collecter Shop at Purgatory Gate. (the reward will be concluded and send via mail after the next server maintenance)

Patch Note v 7.83

- Added new Ranking Challenge #23: Pirate Fish (FIR/THD) to Campaign Window in War Chamber.

- Added new Greed Armor for Mhaou, Matti, Iaron, and Mim.

(randomly get by throwing pirate box into flame altar. Will be replaced with new items every week.)

- Updated rewards list from Pirate Box. (Greed Armor for Mhaou, Matti, Iaron, and Mim.)

- Added new SSS skill for Barbas: OptionDrones - Permanently create one additional drone. (Max LVL(1-6) drones.)

- Added new SSS skill for Matti: ManicMenace - Deal 6xSTR(0.5-1.0) + TAL(66-130) to random targets in {4}m around last target.

- Added new SSS skill for Nija: ShadowMeld - Temporary gives Nija LVL(33-66)% speed boost and evasion for 30s.

- Added new SSS skill for Mara: BrightwindFeathers - Deal DEX(100-200) + TAL100-200) [wind] m.dmg around Mara and add LVL(15-30)% B.DEX/B.TAL (stacks) for 23s.

- Added new SSS skill for Mara: SummonFanclub - Summon a random demon with the same level to fight for you for LVL({2}~{3})s.

- Added new SSS skill for Bifron: BosonsCharge - Add LVL(30-60)% elemental protection to demon allies with the next planetary skill for 66s.

- Added new SSS skill for Bifron: HadronsCharge - Add LVL(100-200)% of next planetary skill's buff to demon allies for 66s.

- Added new SSS skill for Bifron: FermionsCharge - Add LVL(120-140)% of next planetary skill's element to demon allies for 66s.

- Added new August Giveaway rewards list.

- Added damage limit to Verin Hurricane.

- Adjusted Trap runner last finish line rewards.

- Fixed Raid Victory announce UI doesn't appear when defeating any raid boss.

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