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July 2nd - Vaccine Zombies and the Delta Virus!

Urgent covid news! The torment feelings from over-woked doctors and nurses who is fighting covid in real world have created strange zombies in the underworld! Those who hasn't got thier vaccine shots beware, they will hunt you down to deliver you your punishment shots.

We also open guild storage feature this patch as well as updating new rank icons and many other updates and fixes. Hope you like them, and don't forget to go get your vaccine shot in real life, so that we don't have more of these zombies! ;)

Patch Note v7.25

- Add new event: Vaccine Zombie and new event item: Vaccine.

- Add wild weapon set and various items to event shop.

- Change purgatory to new event theme.

- Add new event creeps: Dr. Vaccine and Delta Virus. (13%, 45% event item drop rate.)

- Add new raid boss: Vaccine Nurse. (Appear randomly in Purgatgory Plain and Wall.)

- Add new anima dropped from Vaccine Nurse: Vaccination I-IV.

- Guild Storage is now open.

- Add three new shoes to Arena Shop.

- Add new rank icons and update old one with color:

- Relight Demon Slum.

- Relight Ultimate Carnage Arena.

- Relight Sunken Palace dungeon, update its story and add Thai translation.


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