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Jun 15th - Yoma's Naraka

Fearing hell is becoming too soft, King Yoma and his jailers are taking over the underworld!

Phraya Yamarat, the administrator from the Eastern Hell, has invaded and taken over the entire underworld! Come try your skills with the new boss and mini-boss raids with the Deathly Hallows. The actual patch was partially released last week, but we just fully completed it this week with lots of new items. Don't forget to check them out and read all the details below. }:D

Patch Note v8.44

  • Added new event raid boss: Yoma (66% chance to replace all regular raid bosses.)

  • Added new event mini boss: YomaTruck.

  • Added new accessory to Event Shop: Naraka Mask (Reduce damage recieved from projectle by 23%.)

  • Added new accessory to Event Shop: Naraka Pike (Increase projectile damage by 13%.)

  • Added new accessory to Event Shop: Naraka Cannon (Add 13m area TAL(23) fld.dmg to all projectiles.)

  • Added new raid boss pet: Baby Yoma (Adds 20-40% human killer.)

  • Added new raid boss anima: Rammer I-IV (Increase ramming skill's damage by 20-50%)

  • Added new raid boss anima: Yoma I-IV (Increase 6-15 STR/TAL and 5-20 fire/earth resist.)

  • Added new special jobs to Demon Slum:

  • Added new special raid jobs to Demon Slum:

  • Changed Killjoy's All Out Burst to single target skill.

  • Updated Killjoy's Death Trapping and increased its hit range.

  • Fixed RodeoBob's DueloAMuerte incorrect damage mod.


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