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Jun 17th - Smog Gorgon and the 777th patch

It's 777th patch! As with 666th patch, we have a special anima to commoderate the event. called 'Triple Sevens' (randomly add 777 e.dmg to n.attack.) We also added a huge DnD-style Smog Gorgon as a trail boss for you to test your demonic power. Around every 30 seconds, it heals itself according to the number of its minions in the map. (It's weak to [fire][wind][water] and deal [wind]/[dark]/[thunder] damage.) So plan your team wisely.

ps. This patch's most effort was actually on the Lust Arena, which we plan to open a beta test version soon. :)

Patch note v7.77

- Added new trail boss and campaign to WarChamber: Smog Gorgon

- Added new material from Smog Gorgon. (with temp icon)

- Added new conquests for Smog Gorgon.

- Added new animas from Smog Gorgon's conquest. (Gives 30% elemental and horror killer)

- Added new anima Triple Sevens I-IV: Give normal attack 1-7% chance to deal additional 777 e.dmg.

- Updated new native skill icon to Menalisa, Troth, Zuijin and Amy.

- Adjusted Eater anima to add 20-50% damage to specific monster type. (10-25% to 20-50%)

- Fixed Mining Gallery bug.

- Fixed wrong Campaign Orb display when log into game.

- Updated a lot of Lust City arena asset.

- Update some skill icons.

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