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Jun 24th - Lust City Beta

Our fifth-seven-sin arena, Lust City is now live as beta version! (it's actually 7th if you count Pride and Practice Arena.) Lust City is the sin metropolis that float high up on the sky scraper realm. In the middle, The Goddess Venus was captured and imprisoned here by the late Satan. Draining her power to light up the city, she has abadoned all hope and only lives for sensual pleassure. Those who gives her supreme ecstasy will surely earn her favor and conquer the Lust realm. So will you be the first to do so? Come and join us on discord for help testing this new arena. :)

For more information about Lust City:

Lust City is the 2-2-2-2 point capture arena. Each couple needs to capture their own points to gain 'Ecstacy'. But be careful LustCity doesn't have enough supreme happiness for every couple. Fight against enemies to achieve 1000% ecstasy and win the match!

Patch note v 7.78

- Added Fifth sin-arena: Lust City beta (2 vs 2 vs2 vs2 arena)

- Added new loot boxes (received via complete lust city arena.)

- Added many lust materials.

- Added new anima: Ecstasy I-IV - Lust realm's anima. Add 4-10% block abnormal status, 10-25 MKO, and 5-20% dark protection.

(*Currently use temporary icons.)

- Added new Lust City Arena conquests.

- Added new kinky weapon schema.

- Added new lust weapon and armor schema.

- Added new lover weapon and armor schema.

- Added July Giveaway rewards list.

- Reduce Smog Grogon heal rate to 50% - Reduce Babygorgon and Magegorgon's Atk.

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