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Jun 25th - Snow Mountain and Sundered Stone.

The demons' last four first chapter stories are here (XunWu, Mhaou, Verin and Hermont.) This means that all the demons's 27 first chapter stories are finally done! The rest of the chapters should be easier after this since they will use many of the same maps. We also added new story quests that reward you for the number of stoy quest you have completed in all difficulties. (1-108 in total).

This patch we also include the rest of the inca weapons, and updated many lighting which will make our game even brighter. New event and major bug fixed is also coming next week. So please stay tune. ;)

Patch Note 7.24

- Add two new story maps: Sundered Stone and Snow Mountain.

- Add four new stories to Archive Chamber's story orb. (XunWu, Mhaou, Verin and Hermont's.)

- Add nine new story quests for demon's first-chapter stories. (Required player to play one new story to trigger all previous story count.)

- Add new travel boot accesory to Event shop. (Add 50 speed and various elemental protections.)

- Add the rest of the inca weapons to treasure map pool. (Can be found in Purgatory gate and plain.)

- Added new Pride Intro movie.

- Fixed Pride's lighting bug.

- Update many maps lightings to be brighter.

- Fixed pet upgrade not working in various stages.

- Fixed Envy AI network refuse to walk pass central ruin.

- Update war chamber's detail panel.

- Fixed Mim's skill causing Forgotten Hall to go incomplete.

- Fixed Demon's slum open arena not deleting Steve's dialogue.

- Fixed a lot of thai translations.


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