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Jun 26th - Sleeping Moon

It's the big surprise patch-our 19th demon is live! Tsukuyomi, the half-god-half-demon deity has awaken from her slumber and decided to join the underworld election. (Check out the new story mission for details why.) Excels at destroying her enemy's mana, Tsukuyomi is a force to be reckon with. She is also the first guest demon, which means that she cannot equip anything but come with full power from the start. So be sure to check her out. ;)

Side note, as you might have guess, we are waiting for our server to be a bit more stable to do the big promotion. Anyhow new demon story mission and new event are coming next patch so hang in there.

==Patch Note v6.52==

- Add new guest Demon Tsukuyomi to summon altar. (Can be summon with 600 gold.)

- Add new Tsukuyomi's intro story to campaign window. (This will be move to story mode later on, with rewards.)

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "MoonSlice" - Gives normal attack 13% drain mp.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "MoonCircle" - Enable Tsukuyomi to charge and release her boomerang blade dealing STR(1.0~1.0).

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "FloatingMoon" - Give Tsukuyomi high jump ability and enable her to perform air-attack.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "SpinningEdge" - Throw her blade forward dealing 8x STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(20~30) dmg.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "MoonPhase" - Trigger a temporary status that give Tsukuyomi to LVL(75~100)% chance evade magical and effect damage.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "MpSwap" - Swap Tsukuyomi's current MP ratio with target. (Max LVL(66~100)% of current MMP.)

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "LunarPetal" - Throw out five spinning blade dealing 6xSTR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(30~45) dmg. (temporary disabled.)

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "FullMoon" - Dispel all magical debuff and Completely heal self by LVL(70~100)% MHP and MMP.

- Add new Tsukuyomi's native skill: "DarkPhase" - Makes n.attack deals LVL(100~150)% [dark] e.dmg equal to target's missing MP. (Max dmg equal to Tsukuyomi's MP).

- Add Tsukuyomi's standard blade and standard dujoki.

- Nerved various creeps' hp and power in open world.

- Add various tutorial icons inside demon tower.

- Add new random skins for Fay and Iaron.

- From now, players cannot enter old server after 6 hours, and new server will spawn automatically.

- Fix nemesis1 crashing server. (well the problem's still ambiguous as we have no clue why nemesis2 also reported to crash the server also. Nemesis 66% rate will continue until we fix this permanently.)

- Many more minor bug fixes and tweak.


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