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Mar 24th - BayWash and the summer Fishes

The fume smoke is gone and the Summer has arrived!

Great news, the underworld has survived the industrial fume pollution. The sun is now shining bright across the land as the summer has arrived. Come and chill out on the beach or play beach ball with our newest raid boss, Baywash. Fish weapons set is also here in the event shop along with summer item collections!

Patch Note v8.06

- Update Demon Slum and Purgatory to Summer theme.

- Update Demon League to Beta Level One: All demons fight at level 1

- Added new fish weapons to Event Shop:

- Added new summer raid boss: Baywash. (45% spawn in place of other raid bosses)

- Added new Baywash anima: Baysand (Block 30-50 phy.dmg, but reduce STR)

- Add new Baywash pet: return (5~10)% phy.dmg to attacker.

- Added new job quests: Summer Hunt I-II, Summer Raid I-II, and Summer Slice i-II

- Change opw level monsters modifier to 100-200%.

- Reduced all raid boss HP back to half of previous patch.

- Change Tavan Bogd anima effect to: block 30~75 mag.dmg.

- Change Tavan Bogd pet effect to: return (5~10)% mag.dmg to attacker.


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