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March 10th - Annilator's Burning Ridge

The new deforestation robots are burning everything in underworld down!

The demion engineer's new deforestation robots are rampaging and burning down the whole realm! As requested, a new difficult trial-boss mission is here. This time to have to defeat 8 of them, so plan you strategy wisely. (Don't ask why the deforestation robots have so many dangerous weapons. It's underworld logic lol) Important note: from now on, all campaign missions will follow a new level-limit rule, which limit demon level based on selected stage difficulty. (Noobic-15, Humanic-30, Demonic-45, Satanic-60.) This is due to the fact that some demons are just too powerful and made the game too easy and no fun. So this patch is basically put the game on super hard mode like it should be! }:D

Patch Note 8.04

- Added a new trial boss, 'Annilators and The Burning Ridge' to campaign window.

- Added a new campaign material: Annilators Battery.

- Added a new campaign animas: Annihilate I-IV (Added 5-20% ATK but reduce 10-40 DEF.)

- Added a new accessory to Event Shop: Bunny Ear. (Increase 30% mission silver.)

- Added and change campaigns to a new level limit rule. (Limit level for each difficulty to the following: Noobic-15, Humanic-30, Demonic-45, Satanic-60)

- Change Pandora anima to 'Add 5-20% MAG but reduce 10-40% SPD.'

- Change King Rodinia anima to 'Add 5-20% DEF but reduce 10-40% ATK.'

- Change Smog Gorgon anima to 'Add 5-20% SPD but reduce 10-40% MAG .'

- Updated Demon League to a new TPS-MMO cup (only TPS and MMO demons are alligible.)

- Updated Demon League to only give out PVP Score during 19.00-20.00.

- Updated Glutony Arena to only give out PVP Score on Monday during 20.00-21.00.

- Updated Sloth Arena to only give out PVP Score on Tuesday during 20.00-21.00.

- Updated Wrath Arena to only give out PVP Score on Wednesday during 20.00-21.00.

- Updated Envy Arena to only give out PVP Score on Thursday during 20.00-21.00.

- Updated Lust Arena to only give out PVP Score on Driday during 20.00-21.00.

- Updated Pride Arena to only give out PVP Score on Sunday during 20.00-21.00.


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