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March 3rd - Industrial Fire

The greedy industrial expansion and forest burner has caused the underworld air to turn super toxic!

The new open world event is here, but this time it's super dangerously toxic. The rapid industrail expansion and pyro monsters from sloth realm have caused the underworld air to turn poisonous. Wear a pm mask or find an air shelter or you might find yourself out of breath. An important change to our Demon League and other arena is that they will now use ELO rating and pvp rank system, which will be reset over a longer period of time. This week, we will only give out new pvp score with DemonLeague (only during 20.00-21.00, server time) with special price to top performer as follow:

Next week, we'll implement new ELO rating to all arena with new PvpShop. Patch v8.03 - Change Purgatoy to new Industrail Fire Event. - Added new Air AQI bar and Air Shelter to open world. (13% chance to get exhasted when using skill.) - Added new event monsters and job: Pyroman and Steam Cruise

- Added new mini boss and job: PM250

- Added new event item: Gas Tube.

- Added new consumable item to event shop: Fire Bomb. (Fire m.dmg with 40% fireDown.)

- Added new consumable item to event shop: Flame Thrower (Fire m.dmg with burn, reusable.)

- Added new consumable item to event shop: Hydropult (Water m.dmg with wet, reusable.)

- Added new accesory to event shop: Gas Tank (Allow double jump when equipped.)

- Re-open CottonMarch in campaign window. - Change all Pvp Score to standard elo ranking system, which will be reset with new league season. ( - Demon League will give out pvp score this week during 20.00-21.00. - Added new Pvp Rank and icons: Novice (500), Veteran(1000), Expert(1500), Master(2000), and Champion(2500)

- Added 'No Anima' to DemonLeague's area rule. - Added new ending screen to DemonLeague. - Reduce dex dmg to 150% - Reduce Troth’s DoomObelisk dmg : Summon an obelisk with LVL(2400~3000) MHP that deals 45 tal [dark] dmg to random enemy demon. - Add small homing effect to Xunwu’s FireBall, FireEmber. - Increase Xunwu’s Fireball dmg to Tal(100-150.) - Increase Barbas’ normal attack scaling damage distance. (higher dmg.) - Increase Barbas’ BomberBees homing effect and reduce cooldown to 13s. - Add ability to stop Barbas’ WreckingBall by pressing 's' button. - Add ability to stop Barbas’ WreckingBall by pressing 's' button. - Increase Barbas’ SpinCircuit damage to 1-1.5xSTR and stun chance to 50%. - Add ability to stop Hermont’s SnowTrample by pressing 's' button. - Increase Hermont’s normal attack chance to inflict ice to 33%. - Adjust Rodeobob’s DemolitionCharge dmg: Plant a TNT, dealing TAL(100-150) dmg to all (x{2} to structures) after {3}s (max {4}xTNT) - Adjust Rodeobob’s Shotgun : Change normal attack to shotgun with 150% for LVL(5~10) times, dealing wide area of damage based on distance. - Add small homing effect to Bifron’s elemental skills (except terra). - Change all emote short cut key to the following:


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