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May 10 - Major Update and Suriya Raid Boss

Major game update is live. So many updates and important bug fixed requested by our players. A new Raid Boss Suriya, the raging sun is also added to Purgatory. (He will appear every 3 hours, starting from 7am onward.)

Patch 4.45 change log

- Add new Raid Boss, Suriya to Purgatory.

- Add new materials from drop Suriya.

- Add new schemas to Event shop.

- All chat channel has been fixed. Players should be able to correctly communicate in Guild Channel and all Tower Chamber Channel.

- Chat log now will appear when chat box is open. (scroll with mouse wheel)

- New emoticon interface has been added in Town/Mission (open with arrow key)

- All Items in arena should work correctly and add flat stats to demons.

- Equipment, Arena Item and anima should now display correct numbers in equipment window.

- All items power in arena has been rebalance.

- Add new quantity selector in FleaMarket for splitting selling items.

- Forfeit button should now work correctly and bring players back to Throne Chamber.

- Add a new steam checking system to prevent player from opening multiple screen.

- So many more...


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