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May 10th - J.Fest and Neothera

The Japanese festival is back, along with new epic boss campaign. Can you beat Neothera, the abyssal crawler and its minions?

Patch Note v8.41

  • Change OPW and DemonSlum to Sakura Wind event.

  • Updated event shop list and changed event item to Daruma Rock.

  • Added new chat window to both PC and mobile version. (For PC, press cntl-enter to open/close and ctrl-mouse wheel to scroll. For mobile, rotate phone to portrait and press the chant window button.)

  • Added new trial boss stage, Neothera to campaign window. (Delay to next week)

  • Added a new boss monster: Neothera.

  • Added a new insect monster: Mutilator.

  • Added a new campaign material: Silver Slither

  • Added a new anima: Neothera I-IV

  • Changed Wind weapon's effect to 13% evd.

  • Changed Cloud weapon's effect to 13% evd.

  • Changed Outlaw armor's effect to block stun/petrify.

  • Changed Hanami armor's effect to block disarm/silence.

  • Changed Pandora anima to "add {5-20}% MAG but reduce {50-200} run speed."

  • Changed S.Gorgon anima to "add {200-500}% MMP but reduce {200-500}% MHP." // ------------------------------------------- Join our Official DemonsAreCrazy Community!  📍DRC North America Discord Server  📍DRC Europe Discord Server  📍DRC SouthEastAsia Discord Server   Also, follow our Facebook Page to get new updates before anyone!


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