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May 13th - Knock Down Focus

From the previous Debuffer patch, we still focusing on some fighting mechanics to improve your fighting experience. This week we re-polished the KnockOut (KO) system that was always there in our game but seems to be an unused feature. So from now on, almost all monster can be KO by dealing sufficient KO damage to them.

Hope y'all enjoy knocking out your enemies until they fall at your feet. };)

As always SSS updates and new costumes for the arena shop with many more bugs fixed.

Patch Note v7.72

- Improved KO effect:

> Damaged to KO(ed) target won't be missed.

> KO(ed) target recieve x2 Physic damage.(+100% dmg)

- Added new KO animation and Fx to many monsters.

- Added new KO Bar GUI. (shown under the HP bar.)

*player can know how much KO dmg is needed to KO that target by the KO bar.

- Added a new special costume for Wiktor: +Dark damage.

- Added a new special costume for Amy: +Light damage.

- Added new SSS for Hermont and Killjoy.

- Hermont: WhiteWash - Replace ice with LVL(4-9)s frost, or else remove debuffs from all targets in 30m.

- Hermont: BeatingPummel - Deal 6xSTR({0}~{1}) dmg with current element as stacking damage.

- Killjoy: Misfortune - Deal TAL({0}~{1}) m.dmg and inflict a random TAL({2}~{3}) stat down on target for {4}s.

- Killjoy: Riddler'sTrick - Lock and randomly inflict powerful ailments on all enemies in the {0}m area for LVL({1}~{2})s.

- Killjoy: PsychoClownParty - Transform nearby demon allies into Killjoy for LVL({0}~{1})s. (Revert when a skill is used.)

- Update Slum's mayor candidate voting score.

** The Last 6 ranked candidates will no longer be Voted - players who vote for them can throw His/Her Voting Proof into the Flame altar to get the listed rewards.**

*** Change some rewards from upper ranks. ***

- Fixed the inconvenience in the login process.

- Fixed Barbas missing QueenBeeAndTheHive icon.

- Fixed Barbas IonicPulse fx.

- Fixed Urion's costume trade bug.

- Fixed Detoxify anima bug.

- Move Hermont CrushingPeak to SSS4

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