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May 16 - Cash Shop is Open!

Come trade intangible human money for eternal souls. Our cash shop is now open with special early access bundles. (Purchase good will be send to your in-game mailbox.) New glasses trinkets has also been added to Money and Event shop. In addition, new elemental damage boost animas are also added to Kshapon machine. All ranking rewards of the last three weeks have also been distributed. So, don't forget to check your in-game mailbox.

On a side news, we're so close to full release... So international players, keep a close watch to the hell's gate!

Patch note v.4.47

- Steam Cash shop is now open. (Bundle limit is not implement yet)

- Four New glasses trinkets added to Event Shop and Money Shop.

- New 18 Elemental boost anima has been added to Kshapon shop. (+3% boost for uncommon and 5% boost for rare level.)

- Gold cap has been increase to 19999 and Copper cap is now 199999.

- New centralised log server is up. All players activities will now be log in separate categories.

- Damage from DEX has been move to properly calculated after defence is calculated.

- Fixed incorrect evasion calculation.

- Fixed all elemental damage boost effect not working.


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