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May 20th - Crypto Void

It's an age of the future! Laser weapons, NFTs and Cryptos! Digital hype has come to the Underworld. So, it's time to explore new things - grab the latest lens and change your point of view to see the future world. While using the lens player can find the digital asset on the map. Gather your own NFTs then exchange them for some worthwhile rewards. Also, update KO effect for many monsters and adjust KO calculation for monsters. New SSS update and costumes as always.

PS. Big congrats to Ice Penguin, our new slum's mayor. below's the final election result, don't forget to redeem your rewards. :)

Patch Note v7.73

- Change OPW and Slum to Crypto Void theme.

- Added new Crypto Void BGM.

- Added new crypto mobs: Ethorium, LunarTerra, and CryptoBro.

- Added a new special Jester costume for Killjoy to Arena Shop: (+ Rainbow damage)

- Added new Laser Weapons set: +23 DEX, 13% chance to -13 DEX from target (Stack).

- Added a new event item: CryptoCoin (drop from crypto mobs.)

- Added new Camera: LomoCamV (might reveal hidden item in meta world. ;-) )

- Added new Crypto Deposite that can be found in meta world. (use LomoCamV)

- Added 3 new NFT Arts (from Crypto Deposite; 90%, 9% and 1% drop rate) - burn them for random 30-9000 mamon golds.

- Re-opened Guild ChallengeII campaign with new lists of monsters. (Collect enough combined score to unlock special guild prizes for all guild members)

- Added new Oyama's SSS: EmptySlash - Deal 2x STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [wind]/[water] dmg to enemies and removes all buffs and debuffs.

- Added new Oyama's SSS: BladeTsunami - Deal 8xSTR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [wind]/[water] dmg to front enemies and reduce [wind]/[water] resist by 10% (stacking.)

- Announce all slum mayor candidates' ranks and rewards.

**All Voting Proof can be thrown into the Flame altar to get the listed rewards.**

- Adjusted all demons and monsters' MKO. (Max KO)

- Adjusted elemental resist formula (for multi-element damage) to SUM (wiki)


- Fixed showing the wrong damage annotation.

- Fixed menalisa's SSS: BlackWedding that can cast on self.

- Fixed Iaron's SSS: DemonExecution that gives soul after use.

Skill Adjust

- Killjoy: AllOutBurst - Deal random rainbow elements 8xTAL(66-99) to enemies and reduce its resistance by 10% (stack).

- Killjoy: ColorShuffle/AllOutBurst - Extended elemental debuff duration to 23s.

- Oyama: TornadoSlash/OceanRipple - Extended elemental debuff duration to 23s.

- Mhaou: MalletBash >10 KO damage.

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