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May 27th - Tutorial Revamp

Many new (and old ) players have been asking us to update our Tutorial as now our game has so many new features and zero explanation. So here it is! Our huge tutorial revamps patch. We rewrote the starting tutorial as well as adding lobby tutorial extention. (This is W.I.P. as we plan to add more tutorial stages as well.)

Anyhow, Guild Challenge is also extended another week since we miscount the event (it's actually #3, not #2.) This patch also introduce experimental native killers to four demons. There's also new cyber armors in pvp shop as well as legendary VR goggles that help with KO damage, so don't forget to check them out! ;D

Patch note v7.74

- Added new Lobby Tutorials extention and infographic pages.

- Rework amd update old tutorials and infographic pages.

- Added missing Thai tutorial pages.

- Added new accessory to event shop: BlackVR - Decrease KO damage received by 50%.

- Added new accessory to event shop: WhiteVR - Increase n.atk and c.atk KO damage by 50%.

- Added new special cyber costumes for Nija: + dark damage

- Added new special time mage costumes for Fay: + water damage

- Change Oyams's special costume to Wind Damage.

- Change Mhaou's special costume to Fire Damage.

- Added new native skill for Amy: GhostKiller - Increase damage against Ghost race by 30%.

- Added new native skill for Menalisa: HorrortKiller - Increase damage against Herror race by 30%.

- Added new native skill for Troth: UndeadKiller - Increase damage against Undead race by 30%.

- Added new native skill for Zuijin: HumanKiller - Increase damage against Human race by 30%.

- Added KO system to the rest of the monsters.

- Reduce Otohime HP and status * a lot * (TAL 700>430)

- Revamp SunkenPalace/AzraelSand light and environment.

- Added June Giveaway rewards list.

- Fixed Menalisa BlackWedding can cast on self.

- Fixed Crypto deposit not worked properly. (unfortunately still doesn't work)

- Extended GC for another week.


- Demons and monsters that own multiple races won't be fully affected by Killer status effect.

Example: Menalisa (Horror/Demon) will affected by DemonKiller(+50% dmg to demons) status only 25%.

Example new tutorial infographic:

(total updated page = Engx84, Thaix52 )

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