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May 31th - Crypto Apocalypse

The digital era is back! Crypto-currency, and AI are taking over! Defeat the new campaign boss to control the apocalypse!

Patch Note v8.43

  • Changed Event item to Bit Kaab to and updated Event Shop List.

  • Updated OPW and Demon slum to Crypto Void theme (images from mobile version)

  • Added new trial boss to campaign window: Apocalypse Rider (delay until next week.)

  • Added new campaign material: Cursed Iron.

  • Added new campaign anima: Apocalypse: Add 100 -250 runspeed bur reduce 5-20% DEF.

  • Re-opened Anti-Vax escape in campaign window.

  • Updated Gluttony Sloth and Wrath's shader for both PC and mobile. (should run a lot smoother now.)

  • Reduced Gluttony Sloth and Wrath's file sizes for mobile by 50%.

  • Added Envy Forest arena to mobile version.

  • Recompiled and combine many shaders together to reduce GPU usages.

  • Fixed Mobile FPS character cannot run while performing run attacks.

  • Added new Lock Turn Rate to Game Control setting for mobile.

  • Fixed swirling projectiles not behaving properly.

  • Fixed Open Hunt conquest bug.

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