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May 8th - East Wind (Ukiro Mist)

Surprise!, it's Japan appreciation month in Hell!! Well, the story goes that east wind has carried strange mist to the underworld, along with its eastern demonic scent. There's also many huge feature update in this patch. Max level has been raised to lv.36, open-world creep now gives out money and many many changes. Hope you like them. :)

Yes, as many of you might have heard we're pushing for our third dungeon next week. So finger cross..

Patch Note 6.44

- Add new event, "East Wind", with new event item: Pearly Shell.

- Add new accessory - Fox Mask. (Add 10 Evasion but -20 STR)

- Add four new undead summon scrolls to event shop and free shop. (One use only.)

- Add new event creep: OniKoi.

- Change demon slum and purgatory to new event theme.

- Add two new event music.

- Add new CopperDeposite, SilverDeposite, GoldDeposite to Purgatory Plain.

- Add new CrystalDeposite to Purgatory Cave.

- Raise demon's max level to 36.

- Add new Ishtar's native skill: EverGreen - Add 15% of Ishtar's MHP to all her plant summons.

- Update Ishtar's skill: EcoSphere - Double max limit of plant summons and reduce their cool down by LVL(25~75)%.

- Open World's creep now give out small amount of copper.

- Remove some effect that block view when playing as FPS character.

- Fixed some projectiles going in the wrong direction.

- Fixed some summer fashions that cannot be crafted.

- Fixed Crappy turning into CovidBat.

- Reduce Summer Night Terror difficulty and extend it for another week.

- From now on, accessory will only be equipped in first trinket slot and pet will only be able to equip in second trinket slot.


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