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Apr 21th - Mystic Wood & Expert Shop

Mystic Wood and Expert Shop Today's patch opens the forth material hunt map, Mystic Wood as well as the expert shop. There's also new 'Hunter Quests' for all material hunt maps and 'Expert Quests' where you can get the new kosmos item (expert shop trading item) by defeating Satanic level with no death. Many more exiting items are coming to expert shop next week, so we actually suggest that you wait for them. Anyhow, the biggest thing in this patch is the introduction of the equipment anima, which increase all your equipment stat power by up to 50%! This should be a game changer, provide that you have good equipments. Happy hunting! :) Patch Note v 6.28 - Open Expert Shop for trading. - Add new material hunt map, Mystic Wood. - Add new creep, Thorn and Demion Amazon. - Add new devil, Aragnea. - Add 4 new trinkets for hunter quest rewards (+10str, +10vit, +10dex and +10tal): - Add 4 new equipment anima for hunter quest rewards and Kshapon (+20-50% equipment's STR, VIT, DEX, TAL): - Add 7 Expert Quest to all campaign with Kosmos item as reward. - Add 36 Hunter Quest to material hunt maps. (Will be display next to exp gained.) - Extend the time of Troth's illuminate from 30s to 60s, but lower its tick rate by half. - Change RodeoBob's Remote trigger to 3s delay detonation. - Lower Charm and Bangle's power to 4% and 8%. - Many many more fixes.... Steam Link:


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