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Nov 11th - Black Quorum

Black Quorum is open for getting high rank! Water Festival is also back along with RC!

Out 9th dungeon (and second to last dungeon) is now open. Black Quorum is actually a one map stage with 19 devil bosses base on your current player rank. This is for players with rank 59+ only, which now required to clear each bosses 6 times to get the next 2 ranks. For now we only added 3, so you could now rank up to 66. We'll also be reseting rank for those who already got rank beyond 60 soon, and give them back the souls. (As for demons' levels, we'll let them keep it as a reward for getting high ranks so fast. lol)

Water festival is also back along with new ranking challenge that reward you with special anima called "Ones". It's pretty powerful, so make sure you don't miss out.

Another important note is that, now all gold demons can equip animas too. This is due to the fact that animas don't show in arena anyway. So time to break a leg with them. ;)

ps. Our Mobile is currently testing on real server. The polishing touch is a bit tidious though... so please help us pray for our release soon lol.

Patch Note v8.31

- All gold demons can now equip 4 animas.

- Change slum/open world to water festival events and update event shops list. (Trade Pink Lotus.)

- Added new Ranking Chanllenge #31 with Ones anima as rewards.

- Re-added Kratongs item to event shop. (Use it on water in opw to get random rewards.)

- Re-added event armor set: Thai dress to event shop. (Can be worn by all demons.)

- Re-added event animas: Regrowth I-IV to event shop.

- Re-added event animas: Detox I-IV to event shop.

- Added new Ones I-IV anima (gives 4-13% chance reduce any damage to 1.)

- Open new dungeon, "Black Quorum" for getting player rank 60+ (now with 3 out of 19 bosses for rank up to 66.)

- Re-arrange satanic rank names according to their appearance in Black Qurum.

- Added new key items Satanic Rank I-XIX (required to rank beyond 60.)

- Change Urion's special costume to +13% hlg with STR focus.

- Added new town jobs: Flower Hunt I-IV


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