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Nov 1st - Midnight Requiem

Farewell to our Halloween patch! Time to get rid of the wandering ghosts by performing the devil exorcism ritual in our special campaign 'Midnight Requiem'. Fight against 7 deadly devils alone and take their heart of sin. To become a worthy satan candidate, all players need to overcome all devils by themselves. (3 chance available for each round with different demons)

For this special campaign, we take a lot of time to improve many devils to be suitable rivals for our demons. As promised, we also added T-Dance emoji for other demons and added Tiamat Halloween costume to event shop.

ps. Hope y'all like our new campaign that gives some important materials for our near future and prepares for the next patch. Soon!!

Patch note v7.93

- Added new special campaign(open for a limited time): Midnight Requiem to campaign window.

- Added new devil monsters: Luxuria(lust devil) and Diablo(greed devil).

- Added new materials: Heart of Lust and Heart of Greed.

- Revamp many devil skills and status.

- Added T-Dance Emotion for Killjoy, Mim, and Verin. (equip as field item.)

- Added missing hallow/phantom armors for Tiamat to Event Shop.

- Added November giveaway reward list.

- Fixed some TH translate conquest.

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