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Nov 26th - Golden Egg & 7th Satanic Skills!

Due to lots of golden turkey parades around human world, we got a golden egg problem in hell! This week’s patch will definitely favor newbies to the game as we added a brand new Tutorial for Practice Arena, which will teach you the basics of the underworld arena! They will be easy to follow through as it will guide you step-by-step! Just follow the instructions displayed accordingly and you’ll be more than a amateur. :D

Also, we added lots of wiki stuff, which will also provide detailed information for many topics, such as arena equipments and compound list. Lastly, the all new Tier 4 Skills aka the ’Seventh Satanic Skills’ are unlocked (on beta) for many demons, they are super cool so don’t forget to check em’ out!

Patch Notes v7.48

- Changed Purgatory to new theme : The Golden Egg (Stays for 1 week only)

- Added a new event monster : Golden Ekkling

- Added a new event item : Golden Egg (Can be sold for 3000 silver)

- Revert Demon Slum to standard theme.

- Added a new tutorial for Practice Arena.

- Added a new 7th Satanic Skill interface System for Tier 4 Skills. (Toggle on off by pressing #7.)

- Added several new Tier4 Skills as follows:

• Oyama's MizuchiVapor - Deals 6x STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [water] dmg and reduce water by LVL({4}~{5})% for {6}s (stack up to {7}%).

• Verin's DoppleGanger - If hit, inflicts ice and deals 21xSTR({0}~{1}) phy and TAL({2}~{3}) mag [ice] damage.

• Xunwu's PhoenixDrive - Deals 15xTAL({0}~{1}) [fire]/[wind] m.dmg and return 15xHLG({0}~{1}) HP to self.

• Amy's Repent - While under cooldown, gives n.Attack {0}% chance to deal TAL({1}~{2}) [light] m.dmg and heal allies with HLG({3}~{4}).

• Mhaou's FullPower - While under cooldown and Mhaou has full HP, give n.Attack and c.Attack LVL{{0}~{1}}% dmg.

• Ishtar's OverGrowth - Evolve Living Lilly or Sun Eater to the next plant evolution with LVL({0}~{1})% lv.

- And more coming soon..

- Renovated the Campaign and Recruit Board interface.

- Added 15 new killer debuff icons.

- Renovated Town Jobs/Quest interface.

- Updated the Compound List interface in Arena.

- Updated all Flags and Potions Icons.

Wiki Related

- Updated many Thai Tutorial infographics.

- Updated all Tutorial infographics to link to wiki page.

- Updated Practice Arena infographics.

- Added a new wiki page for Arena Shop and Equipments.




- Fixed the Dungeon Host List interface that did not display correctly.


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