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Nov 27th - Twelfth Furniture

By popular demands, the twelfth tale furnitures are here! Along with the Scorn of X'mas campaign boss from last year and many important updates! Xmas has also comes early this year. Remember that the Hell Freeze over will be replace with new Xmas Event next week. As some of you know, we had some trouble with the hackers last week, so this patch also introduce many game security update.

ps. You all know we have the plan to promote the game for awhile now. Sadly, we still waiting for our promotion materials. So please hang on a bit more, cuz when they are here. It's gonna be sweet! For now hope you enjoy our new update. ;)

Patch Note v6.73

- Add Scorn of Xmas to Campaign Window. (Will open until Febuary.)

- Add new satanic armours for Oyama and Iaron.

- Add new trinket to Expert Shop: Satanic Flame - Small satanic charm that reduce soul consumption after used by 50%.

- Add new Twelfth dungeon material drop from Dr.Zappa(50%), Devil Kaiser(50%) and FlameBot(35%).

- Add 4 new twelfth-tale tents.

- Add 9 new twelfth furnitures.

- Add 4 new twelfth-tale display and banner.

- Add 5 new twelfth-tale guild walls.

- Add 5 new twelfth tale guild floors.

- Fixed RodeoBob's Highway Robbery bug.

- Fixed Matti's Midnight Murder bug.

- Add guild coupons to guild shop.

- Add new sub-event boxes to display all in-game minor event.

- Lower Barbas's force field size.

- Update Barbas's charge attack and prevent it from hitting structures.

- Update Barbas's SpinCircuit - Instantly spin around, dealing 2x STR(0.5~0.6) with LVL(10~15)% chance to stun.

- Update Barbas's DoubleSaw - Deals 3x STR(0.5~0.6) dmg with LVL(23~33)% chance to inflict 50% dmg breed for 5s

- Archive's Search Guild function will now load Guild Data from database even if there's no member presence.


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