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Oct 1 - Lust Lover's Campaign

Greetings, since today is the beginning of a new month, October, we have planned to organize a special Lust Event, which we will give out our newly released lust and lover gears to players who invite their friends and parters to play game. More details of the activity are as follows.

Special Event Activity : Lust & Lover

-Event Duration : 1 Oct to 8 Oct

-Details :

•Invite 3-6 friends to try out our game. (Must only be new players whose account has been registered after the 1st of Oct)

•Then simply start by you typing an in-game chat message ‘Lust’ and for your invited buddies, use the Lust Emote (Alt-U is the shortcut)

•Take an in-game screenshot. The photo must show the chat bubble and all Player Names clearly.

•Post this screenshot and comment your desired Demon Armor in the comments of our recent Facebook Post (Link : )

•Lastly, send your LogID together with a link or screenshot of your comments to our staff’s discord( Snowwy#7831 or en2yme#7844 ). Please make sure you do not share your LogID to any other players except our staff to protect your confidential information.

Example of a screenshot:

(Screenshot example)

Event Rewards

-One Lust Armor according to your wish as listed in the comments (if your screenshot contains 3 or more friends)

-One Lover Armor according to your wish as listed in the comments (if your screenshot contains 6 or more friends)


-Players can only participate in the event activity once.

-All players participated in one posted screenshot can participate in the event once, meaning that they will not be counted if they appear in other players’ post

Have a great halloween month! ;P

Patch Note v7.38

- Added 18 new Lust Armors (20 DEX, 20 TAL, 23% chance to block abnormal status. -10% non-dark elements.)

- Added 18 new Lover Armors (10 STR, 10 VIT, 20 DEX, 20 TAL, 33% chance to block abnormal status. -15% non-light elements.)

- Added a Field Shop in Demon Slum, located at the East exit to Purgatory Plains

-Open Arena are now give Event item as a reward.

- Added Kinky weapons to Event shops.

- Added new human soldier: Bazooka Trooper (13% drop rate.)

- Raised normal human trooper's exp to 24.

- Added target dummy to Tutorial1 and added new target lock tutorial.

- Open Arena are now give out additional Event item as a reward according to kills/scores.

- Added Thai translation to all Tutorial1's tutorial pages.

- Added new Event Monster Tutorial.

- Added New Field shop to Demon Slum.

- Fixed some Armor Schema's incorrect rarity.

- Update many shop item silver and gold prices.

- Add new (w.i.p.) open arena announcement.

- Added thai translation to Arena Window's buttons.

- Added thai translation to Campaign Window's buttons.

- Fixed Private Room not working.

- Added (A-D) buttons to Arenas Window. (for arena selection.)

- Added new button to Bullatin Board for openning Event Banner's web page.

- Reduce Mim’s Chain Lightning DMG to TAL(60-90).

- Changed Menalisa’s Heartbreaker to remove target’s buffs only.

- Increased Menalisa’s BlackCurse MP consumption.

- Increased BlackBaron’s Acid Flask cooldown to 6s.

- Changed Iaron’s Headbutt to track locked target’s position.

- Reduced Fay’s Singular Rift Cast time to 1.5s and cooldown time to 45s

- Update DRC's web registration to Node.14.

- Added Thai translatin to DRC's web registration.


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