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Oct 13th - Friday 13th's Cosplay Party

Wearing ghost costume is tooo..basic. So, our Demons decided to wear cosplay instead!

Spooky month is back upon us again. This year, our demons decided to do something outrageous, waering anime cosplay costume to the Halloween Party! (They are the bootleg versions, b/c we obviously don't want to get sued. lol) The wandering devil ghosts is also back in the purgatory! Go catch them with the ghost buster and ghost capture box and turned them all into soul candies! (You need to get them from Event Shop, and put them both in field item slots. Hold left mouse to fire the gun, and use right mouse to throw the box at the ghosts. (You also don't lose any box when it miss the target. The higher the ghost's HP, the easier to catch.)

ps. Our mobile version took a little hick-hup due to lack of develper documents. Good news is, it's now up on play store for internal testing. Real Halloween events are also coming next patch, so stay tune! }:D

Patch note v8.29

- Added new (Bootleg) Cosplay Costumes to Guild Shop (and will randomly drop from Halloween Box II) (Some might not displayed yet.)

- Updated OPW’s Purgatory and Demon Slum with new event: Halloween Zombie

- Added new event monster: 'BooBoo' and zombies to purgatory.

- Addednew OPW raid boss: 'Boo' (Ghost/Devil race).

- Update Event Shop with new event item: GhostCloth

- Re added new field item: Ghost Blaster - Special photon laser that has special effects on ghosts. (Reusable with owner's MP.)

- Re added new field item: Ghost Box - Special box that can be thrown to capture ghosts with low hp.

- Re-open new Ghost Catcher and Ghost Catcher Card interface for capturing ghosts.

- Re-added consumable item: Soul Candy - Instantly add 2 souls to user.

- Re-added consumable items: Power Bar (ACU, EVD, CRT, HLG) - Candy that temporary double acuracy, evasion , critical, healing power or for 60s.

- Re-added Halloween Bucket I to Event Shop.

- Re-added: Halloween Bucket II (obtained from catching 13 unique ghosts, throwing into flame altar for random rewards.)

- Re-added new pet: Baby Boo - add (20~40)% ghost/devil killer effect (drop from Boo)

- Re-added anima: Haunting I-IV - Adds (20-50) SPD and increase invisible and blend duration by (20-50)% (drop from Boo)

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