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Oct 15th - Halloween War

Hello fellow demons, Halloween is back! We proudly present to you, our new mini arena, the ‘Halloween War’! In this open arena, players will randomly join the ghost team or the pumpkin team to help their race destroy the opponents’ base and conquer the HallowTown! This special event open arena will stay for 2 weeks, which will have a mutual ranking system with the 7-deathly sins arenas. In each week, we will give out different awards, so join either of the team and duke it out to be the king of this event!

The Halloween War rewards for this week are as follows :




ContenderIII x1


​ContenderII x1


​YellowKasha x3


YellowKasha x2


GreenKasha x3

Patch Notes v7.41

- Added new Open Arena: Halloween War open at 20.00 and 22.00 every day for 2 weeks. (access via steve in demon slum.)

- Added new undead tower: Hallow Candle. - Updated ranking point calculation in all open arenas and add them to weekly ranking.

- Change Demon Slum and Open world to Hallow Town theme.

- Change event monster to Hallow mobs. (HallowBaby, HallowGhost, HallowShade, Pumpkin, HallowPumpkin.)

- Added new Voodoo Doll (Epic accessory that gives 13% chance to return magical damage back.)

- Change event item to Hallow Cookie. (drop from event monster)

- Added new Hallow Bucket to Event shop. (throw into fire altar for random spooky items) For drop rate details, please visit :

- Added new King P.Balloon pet. (dropped from Hallow Bucket with 3%)

- Added new Ouija Triangle (Epic accessory that gives 13% chance to prevent magical damage.)

- Added new Voodoo Doll (Epic accessory that gives 13% chance to return magical damage back.)

- Added new satanic acessory to Expert Shop: HourGlass (reduce death time by 50%.)

- Added Blood Stone Tutorial banner.

- Change event monster tutorial to Hallow mobs.

- Adjust Satanic element gems to add 15% elemental damage.

- Reduced Wiktor's BloodCross cool down to 45s.


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