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Nov 20th - Hell Re-Freeze Over

Winter has come early this year, as the sudden blizzard has blown in and cover all of purgatory plain in deep deep snow! Guild Shop is also now open, and you can trade in those coupons for new guild items. We also polish most of the stage code, interface and effects for smoother game experience. Lastly, different open arenas will now be open daily, we also will be updating many more stuffs next patch. :)

Patch v.672

- Change Demon Slum back to normal theme

- Change Purgatory to winter theme.

- Add new Winter Event to Event Shop.

- Add new Open Arena Interface to Steve, and different arena will be open on weekday as scheduled below:

- Hoarder Hunt will now be open every Monday.

- Sakura Bonsho will be open every Tuesday.

- UDC (Ultimate Demon Carnage) will be open every Wednesday.

- Quarry Defense will be open every Thursday.

- Trap Runner will be open every Friday.

- Add new guild shop interface to Demon Guild (-trade in guild coupons.)

- Add 7 new guild snacks.

- Add new guild anima: Alliance i-V and Vindicator I-V (effect not working yet.)

- Rewrite and update all Mini Map and Area Map to most stages (press M to toggle between the two.)

- Added many new map icons.

- Update and polishing many stages interface, game logic and effects.

- Kanalu's temple will now only required 5 riddle solved instead of 7.

- Implement new Login system, which data will be loaded separately with recursive check.

- Many many tiny bugs fixed that you won't notice.


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