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OcT 21th - The Spooky Update

The 10 vs 10 open arena: "Halloween War" and open hunt: "Death Carnevil" is back, along with new Halloween costumes and a new spooky dance! Halloween War will be open every day at 15.00 and 21.00, and Death Carnevil at 13.00, 20.00, and 23.00 server time. (Access via Steve and Ichijo in Demon Slum. Read more about arena rules here: Continuing with the spooky theme, we also added a new Hallow armor for Anneburg and Mara, and a brand new T-Dance (only works for Wiktor, Menalisa and XunWu for now. The dancer list will be updated more next week.) Important annoucement: we will be re-organizing armors into lower and higer tiers. Player ranking system is also undergoing new improvements. Details will be coming soon. We hope you all have a happy-spooky Halloween! }:D

Patch Note v7.91

- Added new hallow armors for Anneburg and Mara to Event Shop.

- Added new phantom armors for Anneburg and Mara to Event Shop.

- Added new T-Dance Emotion to Event Shop (equip as field item, only work with Wiktor, Menalisa and XunWu for now.)

- Opened Halloween War at 15.00 and 21.00 everyday. (Access via Steve in Demon Slum.)

- Opened Halloween War at 13.00, 20.00 and 23.00 everyday. (Access via Ichijo in Demon Slum.)

- Updated Open Arena and Open Hunt to use server time instead of client time (to prevent time manipulation.) - Fixed Halloween Demon Slum's lighting for low quality. - Adjusted Boo's base HP to 130000. - Adjusted Omicron's base HP to 300000. - Updated and added new Circus Hoop game in Death Carnival. - Fixed monsters fall-out bug. (Boo should behave normally in Purg Desert now.) - Fixed many demon cameras issues.


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