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Oct 23rd Back To Hallow Town

It's Halloween patch! The naughty ghosts has been released to roam the purgatory plain again. But this time they have new cooler stuffs in store for you: Phantom Costumes. They are awesomely scary with whooping 25% evade. (You can trade them with Matti's Dad who's temporary gonna be in Purgatory wall map.) There's also new evade anima for you to trade at the event shop, to get your evade build up the the 80% max!

We also finished the Demon Guild's interior and added its own private war chamber. We'll continue to add its decoration system next week (well if we can finish it in time). Nemesis and Steve cart will also be temporary replace by a new special boss coming next week. Happy Halloween! }:D

Patch Note v 6.68

- Change Demon Slum to Hallow Town theme.

- Change Event shop to Hallow Event and add new event anima: ghosting I-IV (+5-20% evasion but reduce 10-40 VIT.)

- Change Purgatory Plain to Hallow theme with Hallow mobs with drop rate: 6%, 15%, 30%.

- Update original DRC music: "Purgatory Plain" to final version.

- Add new NPC: Matti Dad to Purgatory Wall (temporary place.)

- Add new collector shop to Matti Dad.

- Add 9 new phantom costume to Matti Dad's collector shop. (+25% evasion.)

- Temporary remove Nemesis and Steve cart from purgatory.

- Update Demon Guild's interior.

- Add new Battle Chamber to Demon Guild (guild's private war chamber.)

- Increase Ishtar's Life Presence healing to (4-10)% of MHP every 15 s.

- Change Nija's moonblade to light element.

- Change Nija's delta strink to none element but reduce wind, light, dark protection by (20-30)%.

- Change Satanic set compound material from gold ore to platinum ore. (Can be traded from event shop.)


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