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oct 8th Six Six Six Patch

It's our #666th Patch! As promise, we send out free 666 (or 700) mamon gold in addition to ranking rewards to mark the occasion. Next week, the top pvp winners will also get special 666 anima (details below) as a special prize. So be sure to get your hand on the exclusive 666th animas.

We also added the first mini boss, Beholder to open world. Many more mini bosses along with open world quests and rare drop are coming soon. Many maps are getting revamped and optimised for our new trailer. Hope you like them. :)

Patch Note v6.66

- Add new anima SixSixSix I-IV - (Give 1-4 seconds invincible status when hp ends with number 6.)

- Add new trinket Eye Pendent - add 25% accuracy to event shop.

- Add various element animas (for new demons) to event shop.

- Add Troth's satanic armor to compound shop.

- Add new mini boss: Beholder Eye to purgatory wall.

- Update Purgatory Plain, Purgatory Wall and Purgatory gate shader and lighting.

- Update Tutorial1 and Tutorial2 shader and lighting.

- Update all hallow patch dungeon maps shader and lighting.

- Update Envy Forest shader and lighting.

- Add new original purgatory music (demo version.)

- Add material counters gui to all dungeons.

- Add hallow patch mini maps.

- Add faction name tot the top of each demon in DemonSlum.

- Update various in-game effects.

- Fixed Iaron not turing to the right direction. (?)

- And many more!


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