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SEP 11th - Pirate Gold 2

The fish pirates are back, along with many new SSS updates!

The fish pirates have come to invade the underworld to find One Piece. The pirate patch has returned. Along with more than 12 Satanic skills, there are also new Satanic accessories. Who doesn't have enough money to upgrade their skills? Come hunt for treasures in the open world.

Patch Note v8.26

- Updated open world to Pirate Gold Event.

- Re-added Captian Crab as special event raid boss (40% spawn rate.)

- Updated EventShop and event item.

- Added new legendary accessory to Event Shop:

- Added new satanic accessory to Expert Shop: True Ethereal - Small satanic charm that block 30% abnormal status.

- Added new satanic accessory to Expert Shop: Limit Breaker - Small satanic charm that increase damage limit by another 9999.

- Players now start with default 0 souls on all maps.

- Rearrange XunWu skills: SunSweep->SS2 BlazingPhoenix->SS3 SunDance->SS5

- Update SunDance - Evades all phy.dmg and deals 24x STR(1~2) + TAL(100~200) dmg with n.Attack element."

- Added new Fay's satanic skill: Astral Spears - Fire 10x magical missiles that deal TAL(50~100) [light]/[water] mag.dmg."

- Added new Fay's satanic skill: True Ultima - Channel a pillar of light dealing TAL(200~400) [light] mag.dmg/s (use LVL(100-200) mp.)

- Added new Matti's satanic skill: MercilessReaper - Return 100% HP heal from n.attack dmg for LVL({30~60)s.

- Added new Matti's satanic skill: ShadowStalker - Create a phantom clone of Matti with LVL({100-200)% stats that deal [dark] dmg to target for 60s.

- Updated Matti's satanic skill: PumpkinSlice now deal 6-13% of target's HP with Max Tal(333-666).

- Added new Hermont's satanic skill: GlacierProtection - Give all demon allies LVL(40~80)% magic protection for 60s.

- Added new Iaron's satanic skill: AbsoluteStrength - Increase ATK by LVL(100~200)% for 23s.

- Added new Iaron's satanic skill: LastEradicator - Reflect back all phy.dmg for LVL(30~60)s.

- Updated Iaron's satanic skill: MassMassacre - Deal 5xLVL(100~200)% dmg equal to number of targets in a wide area with n.attack element."), 100, 200);

- Updated Iaron's Toughen, Immortal Soul and Execution Decreee Icons

- Rearrange Iaron's GraveCrusher to SS4.

- Added new Oyama's satanic skill: AscendingStrike - Deal 4x STR(1~2) + TAL(50~100) dmg that doubles everytime it hits.

- Rearrange Oyama skills: StraightCut->SS1 EmptySlash->SS2 MizuchiVapor->SS3

- Added new Ishtar's satanic skill: TowerOfThorns - Deal 10xTAL(100~200) [poison] dmg at target area and reduce 10% [poison] (stack to 100%.)

- Added new Ishtar's satanic skill: WildFlourish - Instantly summon max number of plants with LVL(100-200)% of their skill levels.

- Added new Ishtar's satanic skill: EternalGrade - Continuously heal HLG(250-500}) HP to all allies in 50m every 4s with 40 mp.

- Added new RodeoBob's satanic skill: DueloAMuerte - Deals 100xSTR(0.5, 1) dmg at screen target in 23s."

- Rearrange and change old BellaCiao's name to Desperado

- Added new RodeoBob's satanic skill: (New) BellaCiao - Make up to 8 allies explode with death for {0}s, each dealing TAL({0}~{1}) [earth] fld.dmg to all.

- Explosive kit status will now also trigger when character is dead.

- Double Verin's DoppleGanger phy.dmg.

- Fixed equip anima bug.

- Fixed anima mixer.

- Rearrage all game files for patching system.


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