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SEP 12 - FULL Client Release

It's been one hell of a journey but it's finally here. Today on 2.19 am (pst) DemonsAreCrazy will hatch from its infant beta-testing state to its final full release! Thanks you to all the beta-tester community in Thailand and those around the globe. it's a been one of the longest early-release testing ever, but we assure you that it's all worth it. The game is now full with awesome features that's too long to list here. So come see the underworld like you never see it before.

As a special token of our appreciation of all of our beta testers' hard works, any tester with a ranking of 6 or higher will receive a special BetaCoat in the mail today. (This is a super rare collectible item, so don't you dare trash it!) It also gives all 10% non-light elemental resist, so it will be very very useful later.

For new comers, we also have a similar armour called "outlaw coat" waiting for you in the event shop (free to trade with event items.) Again, this is a super rare armour that will only be available during this time. So don't FORGET to GRAB IT.

To celebrate our game launch, we have a special animas (equipment) called "Contender" as a PVP ranking reward for top of our 100 players each week. (Contender level 1 gives +5 all stats, level 2 +10 all stats, and level 3 gives out a whooping +15 all stats.) The event only last two weeks. So anyone seriously thinking about becoming a satan should definitely try to get them.

Lastly all our staffs at BigBug Studio hope you enjoy your adventure in our game. We apologised if you found any flaw within our game. Don't forget to help us spread the love, it's time to invite all your friends and all your foes to join you in hell!

-BigBug Studio

Patch Note v.6.00

- Added new Demon Slum's decorations to celebrate our launch event.

- Added two new armours, BetaCoat and OutlawCoat.

- Remove holy retribution event and added new game release events.

- New mobs in open world which will drops the event items: addle eggs. (Ekkling 5%, Krowling 20%.)

- Added new pride armour to RodeoBob, Fay, and Menalisa.

- Wrath's score percentage will now update to reflect the Molten Core's heath.

- Add ability for Molten core to deal heavy damage to demon with satanic avatar.

- Pride Arena will now only open on Sunday.

- Reduced Barbas's Straight Hornet cd to 13s.

- Reduce Troth's Unholy Strength duration to 60s.

- Update judge random chat voices.

- Anti-cheat log has been implemented. Please don't open any cheat tools or you will be banned next week.

- Many many more bug fixed.


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