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Sep 16th - The Running Deads

The dimension shift has fused parts of underworld with the future of human world. The purgatory is now infested with human zombies! Time to help your food survive the zombie apocalypse and get yourself new survival weapons and animas!

Good news, those who've been waiting for the latest dungeon accessories, they are now usable! Also, there is a minor change in opw areas, you will be required to leave battle mode before returning to Soul Tower.

Patch Note v7.88

- Updated OPW’s Purgatory Zones with new event: The Running Dead

- Added new campaign, The Running Dead, to Campaign Window.

- Added new The Running Dead conquests.

- Added new monsters: ZombieDead, ZombieGal, ZombieThug and ZombieAbomination

- Added new event item: ZombieHead (drop from event creeps)

- Added new Survival weapons for Amy, Iaron, Killjoy and Oyama

(STR+7 VIT+13 DEX+7 TAL+7 , Adds 23% chance to inflict 13% bleed.)

- Reopened the event shop with new items.

- Added new anima: SurvivalThug I-IV : Adds 5-20 DEX and increases inflicted bleed and cripple duration by 3-6s.

- Added new anima: SurvivalMedic I-IV : Adds 5-20 VIT and block 30-60% bleed and cripple status.


- Adjusted anima ability: TrollAspect I-IV : Add 5-20 STR and 30-60% protection against disarm, paralyze and stun.

- Adjusted anima ability: WarpedLogic I-IV : Add 5-20 TAL and 30-60% protection against silence, sleep and nightmare.

- Adjusted: KirenAmulet - Accessory that gives 13s 6% hp regen when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)

- Adjusted: GabilAmulet - Accessory that gives 13s 23% phyUp and defDown when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)

- Adjusted: KunchornAmulet - Accessory that gives 13s barrier with hlg(130) hp when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)

- Adjusted: NakaAmulet - Accessory that inflict 13s aoe tal(23) venom when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)

- Adjusted: GarudaAmulet - Accessory that deal tal(130) thunder m.dmg to attacker when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)

- Dungeon's Trade Card for collector shop is now usable.

- Players can no longer use field items in Blood Eclipse(22.00).

- Bleed status is now stackable.

- Players can now no longer use 'Return to Tower' option during Battle Mode in purgatory opw. (Must wait for normal mode to use)

-Fixed some Lost Fable dungeon issues.

- Fixed Pandemic anima issue that didn't work properly.

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