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Sep 17th - Final Week MU & Steve Cart

Our beloved Steve Cart is back, now with his own stage! Go help him deliver the new apple product for easy EXP and money. M.U. Event is also extended for the final week for new player. We couldn't finish Ichijo's stage in time, so it has to be next week, along with the new [human] event, Please stay tune. ;)

ps. There's also special GM Events in SEA server for new players, so please check out the detail on our FB page and our discord. Peace out!

Patch Note v7.36

- Extended MU Event for the final week.

- Added new exp booster Campaign, Steve’s Cart, accessible from the War Chamber. (4 Players)

- Added new boss: Billy the Cactus.

- Added new 27 conquests for Bat Cavern, Dekko Nest and Steve’s Cart.

- Added Thai tanslation to main arena selection windows.

- Add new camera speed setting to game control option.

- Added area, campaign and story Mode icons to Soul Tower.

- Update MU.Anima to: Randomly extends all receiving buffs duration by [1-3, 2-3, 2-4,3-4]s.

- Update Tiamat passive skill and allow him to sprint.

- Increased XunWu’s Sun Burst initial range to 24m.

- Reduce Amy’s Quickheal cooldown to 6s.

- Update Amy’s Seal of Wrath damage to STR(2-3) + TAL(50-75) and allow her to target moving target.

- Increased Amy’s Seal of Faith distance to 36m.

- Fixed Amy’s Holy Punishment not working with Normal Attack and Grand Swing.

- Increase Oyama’s Peace Offering HP heal to 200-300.

- Fixed Urion 's Multi Heal not healing target's MP.

- Fixed Bifron's PhaseStep after death bug.

- Fixed various campaign orb's 30-minutes bugs.

- Added 7 more Lust Armors and Weapons (internal use).

- Updated White Chappel's lighting.

- Added Melisa hat to Menalisa’s Outlaw Outfit.

- Various bugs fixed.


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