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Sep 23th - Demons Vs Zombies

Greeting! All survival, It's another week with the zombie apocalypse. We didn't launch any Ranking Challenge for a while, so our 24th ranking challenge is here!

This RC has little more special rules and rewards than before. (to celebrate our v7.89 patch lol) New arena equipment and plenty of survival weapons were added.

ps. Lots of QoL. improvements in this patch hope y'all like it!

(Special Reward list for RunningDead event)

Patch note v7.89

- Added new Ranking Challenge #24: Devil Zombie Thug to Campaign Window.

- Added BlankV anima to Purg.Gate collector shop and reduce killer schema cost. (Trade with KingCoin.) - Added BlankV anima to expert shop and increase killer anima rarity to legendary.

- Added and adjusted new Survival weapons.

(STR+7 VIT+13 DEX+7 TAL+7, Adds 33% chance to inflict 33% bleed.)

- Added new arena equipment: Unholy Dagger - Evil dagger that gives normal attack 13% chance to inflict no heal./ DEX+13 TAL+6

- Added new arena equipment: Devil Karuta - Powerful armor that reduces all surrounding(30m.) heal by 33%./ DEX+13 VIT+13

- Added new arena equipment: Fowl Morion - Soft helm that help block 45 m.dmg./ VIT+13 TAL+13

- Added Sort/Filter option to armory window.

- Replace Schema tab with KeyItem/Schema in Vault(Inventory).

- Adjusted some anima mixer rules. (similar to previous rules but work more correctly.)

Read more details on demonsarecrazy wiki.

- Added October Giveaway list.

- Added Campaign lock system. Players must complete the previous campaign to unlock.

- Fixed wrong conquest info in campaign window.

- Fixed Players can join higher difficulty.

Rank 0: Noobic Rank 6: Humanic Rank 13: Demonic Rank 21: Satanic

- Fixed and improved WhiteChapel dungeon map.

- Fixed dungeon TradeCard bug.

- Fixes 'Get lv.45 {type} demons' conquest not working.

- Fixed wrong Rng.Deads conquest reward.

- Fixed WhiteVR not working properly.

- Increased Anneberg n.atk speed.

- Minor change to menalisa's BlackWedding status.

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