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Sep 30th : Paradigm Shift

New Dex dmg calculation and tons of change are here in this patch, along with tons of new items and icons. We change some dex calculations such crit rate/crit dmg to optimize the dex base demons experience. The final set of survival weapons is added! Hope our demons enjoy these adjustments and feel free to tell us what ya think!

Patch notes v7.90

- Adjusted Crit rate and Crit dmg calculation formula as follows:

  • Crit chance = 13 + 10* (my dex/target dex)^0.5

  • Crit dmg = 160%dex

- Added 10 new Survival Weapons to event shop. (STR+7 VIT+13 DEX+7 TAL+7 , Adds 33% chance to inflict 33% bleed.)

- Added new accessory to PurgGate collecter shop: S.Journal - Journal left behind by the zombie survivor. Add 50% undead killer.

- Added new trinket to event shop: Z.Bracelet - Add n.atk 23% chance to inflict 33% hlgDown to target for 6 s.

- Added Seven Eight Nine anima to Ranking challenge #24 rewards.

- Added new special anima: Seven Eight Nine I~IV - Give 25-100% chance to lock HP at number 789. (3s cd)

- Added AI coin system - host will require ai coin to invite any AI to join their team and that AI will duplicate skill/equipment set of the host's demons.

- Reduce item cost for PurgGate collector shop. (trade with ranking coin)

- Added element resist tab for armors to armory window. (access via element tab button)

- Added Sort/Filter option to inventory window (FlameAltar)

- Added new player rank icon.

- Revised Bifron story dialogue.

- Adjusted raid boss pet killer ability to 20-40%.

- Modified Baby Suriya killer ability to 20-40% angel killer.

- Modified Baby Didendum killer ability to 20-40% elemental killer.

- Modified Baby B-Rex killer ability to 20-40% dragon killer.

- Adjusted Baby Dekko pet to 15-30% chance to block all lock status.

- Adjusted Wiktor's skill: Exhume - Deals TAL(66-90) [dark] m.dmg and drain MP from target. Reduce its MAG by LVL(23-33)% for 23s. (increase dmg/duration)

- Adjusted Menalisa's skill: BlackCurse will instantly disable when Menalisa is hit.

- Adjusted Iaron's skill: ExecutionDecree - Increase STR and ACU by LVL(100-150)% for 13s but disable all other active skill.

- Adjusted Killjoy's skill: Jackpot - Give Killjoy additional 23% critical damage. (13>23%)

- Fixed some armory sort/filter bugs.

- Fixed equipment switch function.

- Fixed players can select sss skills in the lobby.

- Fixed wrong TrollAspect/WarpedLogic anima's description.

- Fixed Pumpking anima bug.

- Improve tower(throne room) lighting.

- Fixed incorrect SPD issue.

- Revised all pet sizes.

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