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Jun 10th - Stranger Stuffs

In order to attract more souls, the underworld has redecorated itself with the popular TV hit series theme! Come hunt the retro D&D style monsters and even play as one with the new Mimic mechanic. Matti aldo recieved a cute new astro-bear costume for exploring the upside down. So join us and be careful not to become the hunted yourself.

ps. We really like the new purgatory, so we might keep this theme's layout as the new purg. Let us know what you think. ;)

Patch note v7.76

- Added new Event "Stranger Stuffs" and updated purgatory to new theme.

- Added new event monsters: Babygorgon, Humegorgon, Magegorgon.

- Updated event shop item list and added new event item: cassete tape

- Added a new consume item: Flash Light - use to toggle on/off the light. (reusable)

- Added a new consumable item: FireworkIX - a crate of fireworks that does [fire] damage to nearby targets.

- Added new consumable items: figure I-III - use to transform self to Babygorgon, Humegorgon, Magegorgon. (require players' rank 5,10,15 and 5, 10, 15 souls to use.)

- Added new Mimic status - Transform to a unique monster or character.

- Added a new Matti's special costume to the arena shop. (+ normal dmg.)

- Fixed many damage annotation bugs.

- Change the Giveaway rewards list (NFTs to gold.)

- All items will require players' rank to use depending on item rarity.

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