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Dec 18th - Ranking Challenge#1

This week we introduce a new type of campaign called "Ranking Challenge" which will come every two week with new stage/bosses scoringg condition. The top player of each event will receive new key item call "king coin" which players can trade them for special satanic accessories from Death King. (Reward will be distribute out at the end of each event.)

For the first one, December Ice, to get high score, players will be scored base on the following category:

- Damage - deal as much damage as possible to the snowman. (hint - last hit is very important.)

- Defense - receive as little damage as possible.

- Time - destroy five snowman as fast as possible.

- Special - get special score for killing the snowmans and their guardians.

(Higher difficulty will give better score to total damage, but may result )

Patch Note v6.77

- Add new type of campaign: Ranking Challenge (once every two week with new stage.)

- Add two new structure,

- Add new key item King Coin. Top players will receieve the following rewards at the end of the event:

1st place will recieve 5 coins and 666 mamon gold.

2nd-5th place will recieve 3 coins and 300 mamon gold.

6th-30th place will recieve 2 coins and 130 mamon gold.

31-100th place will recieve 1 coins and 66 mamon gold.

- Add new satanic accessory to Death King: Ice Diamond (add 20% ice damage, +40 ice resist, -40 fire resist.)

- Add two new satanic armors for Verin and RodeoBob to compound shop.

- Add Satan Runner to Purgatory Plain.

- Add effect to Mara's DexPilfer.


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