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Dec 4th - Early X-mas

Well X'Mas seems to come early everywhere, so here it is, our early X'mas patch. Anneberg also gains 4 new attacking skills, which actually makes him a good attacker. Important note though is how the damage from DEX stat will now be calculated before Defence. More over, critical damage will now directly tie to DEX, which will cause more damage than before. Many more balancing will come after this, but this should make DEX a lot more appealing to players. :)

ps. Yeah, same line...we still waiting for our new trailer ad. Hopefully it will be done next week? T_T

Patch Note v.674

- Change DemonSlum to Xmas Theme.

- Change purgatory plain to Xmas Theme.

- Add new Event, Xmas Slum to Event Shop. (Trade in santa socks.)

- Add new Giant Mimic creep to purgatory. (35% drop rate.)

- Add Mimic2 (7% drop rate) Young Santa (13% drop rate) and Old Santa (23% drop rate) to Purgatory.

- Add new music, Xmas Battle.

- Reopen Eve of Madness Event on Satureday and Sunday.

- Snow pet is added to Xmas Box with 5% drop rate.

- Add Fay's Satanic Armor to compound shop. (required satanic armor schema)

- Add new Anneberg's tier-2 Skill: Reflector - Reflect the next LVL(40~60)% damage within 0.5s back at its attacker.

- Add new Anneberg's tier-2 Skill: TwentySpikes - Deal 20x STR(0.2~0.25) earth damages with consecutive 10% dmg increase upon each hit.

- Add new Anneberg's tier-2 Skill: RollingStone - Roll foward dealing 10xSTR(0.5~0.7) earth damage while blocking all incoming physical damage.

- Add new Anneberg's tier-2 Skill: CoreDrill - Deal 5xSTR(0.6~0.8) + TAL(60~90) earth damage in 10m area.

- Matti's Red shift will now return 10% MP from damage.

- Fixed search guild button not giving out any result.

- Random damage from DEX will now be added before calculating defence.

- Critical damage will no longer multiply damage by 160%, instead, it will add 100% DEX as damage. (before calculating defence.)

- Many other minor skill adjustments.

- Add 6 new wooden furnitures to GuildBoard.

- Add 4 more furniture slots to Guild Board.


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