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Dec 5th - Santa is coming to Hell.

It's another light patch before the main x'mas event next week! In response to some players requesting mid-level creeps in the OPW, we and sending santa out early this week. There's also new Ishtar's Tier-3 3rd and ultimate summon skill, Devil's Thorn and Entient Protector. They are super awesome if you ask us. This also complete Istar's tier-3 kit. woot! Sadly, due to too many darn hollidays we didn't finish Troth's Summon Royal Guard skill in time, so please wait for it next week along with the real X'mas event. ;D

ps. Again, please don't forget to trade in your ice horn before next friday.

ps2. We are not changing ranking reward this week due to new ranking event next patch.

Patch Note v6.19

- Add two new Mobs, Young Sanata and Old Santa to OPW.

- Add new Troth's skill: Cursed Pillar - Create a cursed field that reduce all enemies' ATK and MAG by LVL(20~30)% for 30s.

- Add new Troth's skill: Summon Royal Guard - Summon personal guard that help protect Troth from his enemies.

- Add new Ishtar's skill: Devil's Thorn - Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) flower that deals [poison] [dark] eff.dmg to enemies. (Max 2)

- Add new Ishtar's skill: Entient Protector- Summon a guardian tree that attack with huge boulders in 80m range.

- Fixed all collision in Twelfth Tale Dungeon.

- Fixed Barbas's charge attack not focusing correctly.

- Added quantity selection to Flame Altar.

- Update noBuff and noDebuff to magical status. (So it can be dispel.)

- Update all wiktor's skins.

- Remove collision from Ishtar's Wild Protection that blocks projectile from passing.

- Many more bugs fixed.


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