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Jan 15th - Good Bye Mr.T

It's the final week of you know who. So we have fun one last time with special event where multiple Mr Tangerine Men will be spawned for you to hunt down for new toy furniture and special "Raid on Capital" anima! Sorry as this week patch is a little light, but our main effort is now toward our commercial. (which is pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.) ;)

Anywho, our second week giveaway winner from Event Ranking is as follow:

- BrightFiery=75000

- Neverland=75000

- Winterz=75000

- 1119nilddyday=75000

- Blazxus=75000

- GoodNight=75000

- Magnetic=75000

- MasTerKey=75000

- Nomyan=75000

- BlackBro=75000

- henry14=75000

- plumza007=75000

- Thefirstnil=75000

Since they all achieve 1st rank, they all will be able to choose either a model or a poster send to their house next Monday. (Please send us your address. Please be warn that, one player can only receive two prizes maximum each.)

Patch Note v6.81

- Update Demon Slum and Purgatory to ToyDay Theme.

- Add Baby Tangerine, Toy Bear and Toy Soldier to Purgatory. (13, 23 and 45% event drop rate.)

- Update Event shop to ToyDay event.

- Add 50% chance that raid boss will be replace by special Raid on Capital event which spawn multiple Giant Tangerine Men.

- Add new event anima: Raid on Capital I-IV - Add 10% Phy and Mag dmg but reduce 90-30% all elementals resist. (Capital I is drop from Giant Tangerine with 23%)

- Add new material, Giant Diaper (drop from Giant Tangerine.)

- Add Ishtar's satanic armor to compound shop (requires satanic schema.)

- Add three new toy furnitures: Toy Stuffs, Toy Balloons and Toy Bear.

- Add new Tiamat's anima: Pitch black I-IV().

- Add missing Tiamat's map Icon and update his art assets.

- Fixed Tiamat's damage blocking native skill not working.

- Fixed Tiamat's wrong elemental resistance.

- Fixed Warchamber's Invite system can invite player with low rank to higher difficulty.

- Bifron's Enceladus skill (wind attack) is no longer homing.


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