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Jul 15th - Calamity Raid Bosses

The raid bosses are revealing their true Calamity Form!

Prepare yourself, for all eight raid bosses have been updated in this patch. They all gained new calamity form, that change their element, as well as boost their power immensly. They all can be summoned any time using the new calamity summon items. So check their new elements below and gather your teams before take on their challenges.

Pvp Season1 is also kicking off for Naraka server with the real money rewards as list below: (This will end on August 31st.)

Patch Note v8.21

- Reset Pvp Score and start Pvp Season 1 (ends on August 31st.)

- Added new items for summoning calamity bosses to Guild Shop and Expert Shop. (can only be used in Purgatory.)

- Added new raid boss: Lycidas [Calamity] (thunder+wind)

- Added new raid boss: Suriya[Calamity] (ice+water)

- Added new raid boss: Didemdum[Calamity] (wind+earth)

- Added new raid boss: Chukwah [Calamity] (fire+earth)

- Added new raid boss: MisterS [Calamity] (light+poison)

- Added new raid boss: BaalRex [Calamity] (water+light)

- Added new raid boss: Omicron [Calamity] (fire+wind)

- Added new Killjoy's SSS: miracleJokers (Deal 13x Str(1-2) with critical hit to a single target.)

- Change all janitor's weapon and armor code (throw old janitor weapons into flame altar to recieve the updated ones.)


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