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Jun 30th - Cartoon World

The anomaly rift had worped the purgatory plain into cartoon world!

The rift from previous anomaly has worped the purgatory plain into cartoon theme! Unfortunately there's a pvp bug in Sloth and Lust that cause players to recieve incorrect pvp score. We'll be handing out the 666th reward, but pvp score will not be reset and pvp season will not start until we can address this issue. Our apology on this issue. T_T

Patch Note 8.19

- Change DemonSlum and Purgatory to Cartoon Theme.

- Added new event item: comic strip. (Replace fluffy item.)

- Added new cartoon monsters: Micky.

- Added new cartoon monsters: Doggo.

- Added new cartoon mini boss: Mash.

- Updated Toy Hammer to deal extra 50 ko damage to cartoon monsters.

- Updated Toy Gun to deal extra 1000 damage to cartoon monsters.

- Added new animas: Toon World I-IV. (Special anima that give {0}% chance to convert damage into healing.)

- Added new Mafia Suit to event shop and gold shop. (block 23 phy. and mag dmg. can be worned by all demons. Will also have set bonus with Mafia weapons coming next week.)

- Added new town jobs: Micky, Doggo, and Mash Hunt I-II.

- Changed Mhaou's Retaliation Bounce into field and ko dmg. (Deal 50~100% of Mhaou's missing HP as fld.dmg and ko dmg.)

- Fixed Bifron's SSS6 dealing 600% dmg instead of 200% at lvl 6.

- Updated all daily quests as followed:

- Added android platform to DRC client (for mobile device only).


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