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Nov 19th - Loy Krathong

It’s time for celebration! In Thailand, this day of the year resembles the traditional Loy Krathong festival of their lunar month. It is such a picturesque event as in the festival, the humans releases beautiful lotus-shaped rafts, decorated with candles and flowers onto the water of lakes and rivers to pay respect to the goddess of water and give away their sins. However, the leftover Krathongs that are not cleaned up by the humans ended up in hell.

This week’s Ranking Challenge rewards details can be found here

Patch Notes v7.47

- Added a new ranking Challenge : Floral Challenge. ( Accessible thought campaign window)

- Added a new pet : Baby L.Bud - Add 10-20% Humaniod Killer.

- Added a new pet : Baby S.Child - Add 10-20% Elemental Killer.

- Added a new pet : Baby D.Sprout - Add 10-20% Spirit/Devil Killer.

- Added 2 new Krathongs :

- Updated Demon Slum to Thai Festival theme.

Campaign Renovation

- Renovated the Campaign window and categorized them according to events, explorations and bosses.

- Added a Host List for all available rooms for campaigns.

- Fixed incorrect orb restoration info for campaign.

- Added current demon level display in various places when selecting your character such as Summon Altar, Armory, War Chamber, and Dungeon Gate.

- Added many loading screens highlighting each bosses’ tip.

- Added new icons for different categories of animas.

- Added a few new icons for stage rule.

- Added a wrath tutorial video.

- Updated many bosses wiki page as follows :


- Fixed incorrect POV in campaigns and dungeons.

- Fixed Satanic Avatar that cannot be used.

- Fixed Sunken Palace Dungeon that froze after collecting pearls.

- Adjusted respawn to spawn at the few nearest points.

- Fixed some creeps that didn’t respawn in Mystic Woods.

- Adjusted Exp for Living Lily (Open World Creeps).


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