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Nov 5th - loy krathong challenge

Floating flower basket festival is back, with a new challenge to see who can harvest more flowers in the shortest time! Come join us and float your flower basket (krathong) to pardon all those you have killed. If you are lucky enough (or have a lot of krathongs) then you might get special event floral pets! They may be small, but they give you up to 20% type-killers, so don't miss out on them. (They also eat themselves to upgrade.)

PS. There is an important announcement before. Please make sure that you won't miss any details >> here <<

Patch note v7.94

- Updated OPW’s Purgatory and Demon Slum with new event: Loy Krathong.

- Change event monster to a floral theme.

- Added new event item.(drop from event monsters)

- Added new Ranking Challenge #25: loy Krathong challenge to Campaign Window

**Special rule for #25 rc: damage score will count upon the type of monster killed/player must defeat 66 monsters to finish stage.

- Added new costumes for female demons and Wiktor, Xunwu, Troth, Verin: ThaiOutfit - Traditional thai outfit, helps block abnormal status 30% and -5 STR/VIT/DEX/TAL.

- Add floating basket, Krathong I and Krathong II. (Can be used at purgatory's water. Give 1% and 2% chances to drop floral pets.)

- Update event shop item list to loy krathong theme.

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