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Apr 2nd - messages in the bottle

Go uncover bottled messages along the beach and find out who sent them. New ranking challenge is also back!

New chill-out patch is here with new mini-quests that let you write bottled message in hope of bringing long lost lovers back together! As you should probably could have guesses, this is just a short patch since we couldn't get the Greed Island done last week. A new special Ranking Challenge is also back with new ranking rewards. Pvp shop is also got revamped with the new PvP Ranking system. So don't forget to check them out!

Patch Note:

- Added 3 new mini-quests: Bottle Messages (Get the quest from JobBoard and look for bottles on the beach.)

- Added new special gui and quest items for Bottle Messages quests.

- Added new Ranking Challenge#28: Burning Challenge.

- Updated and reopenned Surfer Paradise campaign.

- Updated PvP Shop with new Pvp Ranking.

- Added Judgement Weapons/Armors to PvP Shop.

- Added new Mastema's Satanic Skill: Frozen Thunder. (Deal 24x [ice]/[thunder] and inflict ice/silence.)

- Add 300s cool down to all flasks .

- Fixed Dungeon unlimited respawn.

- Fixed Checkin List.

- Remove the word 'Armor' from armor names.

- Renamed 'Event' and 'Special' weapon/armor to their specific name.


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