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Mar 23rd - Summer Election '24

Trouble from last year are piling up. Time to elect a new governor!

Summer Election event is back. Despite what the candidates had promised, smog and flood problems are still here in the inderworld. So time it's time to re-cast your vote. Again, you will be able to trade the casting ballot for the rewards after the election event end in 3 weeks. (1st prize for being the least voted on.)

We also fixed and updated lots of stuffs for both PC and mobile version. Don't forget to check them out!

Patch Note v.838

  • Changed demon slum and openworld to election event theme.

  • Update Event shop and changed event item to election ballot (can be traded or use to cast vote at voting booths in Demon Slum.)

  • Added new reusable item to event shop: Megaphone. (use to enlange last chat message.)

  • Fume Smoker and Dekaphone will both be randomly spawning in OPW.

  • Fixed Black Quorum conquest not updating.

  • Added new material for Black Quorum (10-40%drop from boss and reward box.)

  • Revert thai font back to older version (new one cause game crashes.)

  • Fixed Guild Shop not able to buy multiple items

  • Increased Wiktor's normal attack damage to STR(0.7)

  • Opened demon guild for mobile version.

  • Opened demon theatre for mobile version.

  • Opened Goumet Park for mobile version.

  • Opened Mysthic Wood for mobile version.

  • Opened Lover Street for mobile version.

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