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Aug 5th - Flood Season

It's the flood season in the Underworld! Prepare yourself and don't get wet! The new event - Flood Season was updated with new rain-season items. Our purgatory plains and other open-world maps are filled with a flood and the new water elements monsters. Max level unlocked, More SSS updates, and 5 new greed armors. Many bugs were fixed as always. :)

Ps. RedClaw raid boss is still here until the all of greed sets were released.

Patch note v7.84

- Raised level limit to level 50

- Added new Event "Flood Season" and updated purgatory to new theme.

- Added new event monsters: Giant Vizie, Vizie Prince

- Updated event shop item list and added new event item Water Droplet (Drop from event monsters.)

- Added new female-only costume: RainCoat - gives 50% chance to block wet and paralyze. (+40% [water]/[thunder] ressist, -23 DEX)

- Added new trinket: Umbrella - give 25% water and light protection but reduce 50% thunder.

- Added new consume item: WaterRepellent- Special spray that protect you from water but make you catch fire easier. (Reusable.)

- Added new Greed Armor for Amy, Fay, Ishtar, Nija, and Killjoy.

(randomly get by throwing pirate box into flame altar. Will be replaced with new items every week.)

- Updated rewards list from Pirate Box. (Greed Armor for Amy, Fay, Ishtar, Nija, and Killjoy.)

- Added new SSS skill for Fay: NullElements - Null all elemental protection and status on target for LVL(30-60)s.

- Added new SSS skill for Mhaou: CalamityRay - Deal STR(2.5-5.0) + TAL(250-500) [fire]/[earth] m.dmg in a long line.

- Added new SSS skill for Mhaou: Upheaval - Deal STR(3.0-6.0) + TAL(300-600) [fire]/[earth] f.dmg to grounded allies and enemies over 5s.

- Replace DamageBounce with a new skill for Mhaou: RetaliationBounce - Deal LVL(100-200)% of Mhaou's missing HP as e.dmg to all enemies in front.

- Adjusted Barbas skill: GunDrone - Create a gun drone that repeat Barbas's normal attack with LVL(66-100)% dmg (1sp). (increase gun drone %dmg.)

- Fixed Barbas OptionDrones that won't create additional drones when used.

- Increased Barbas's Satellite drop damage to 6xTAL(500-1000).

- Fixed Barbas's Drone bug.

- Fixed Bifron SSS skill bug.

- Fixed OpenArena: Quarry Defense monster bug.

- Fixed missing August giveaway background.

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